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Platform Team: Remote Health

SafetyWing Partner Meeting

audience-1677028_1920    30 Minutes

Please select a time to discuss SafetyWing Remote Health with the Platforms Team. Enable your platform and customers to access a highly desired benefit — global health insurance for residents of 175+ countries.

We actively work with Employer of Record companies, International PEOs, Freelancer platforms and service providers, and various Hiring, Talent Management, Relocation, Global Workforce Management and Benefits platforms.

  • Offer a simple to understand, valuable health insurance option to your worldwide community
  • Members can go to any doctor, clinic or hospital
  • Large group discount for platforms
  • Options like dental, vision, and ability to add dependents
  • Dedicated 24/7 support from day one

The first fully equipped health insurance that works for your remote and borderless employees. Please select a time to discuss.

  • Add your team to the same plan, regardless of location.
  • Any hospitals - Use insurance at any private or public hospital, or doctor, in the world.
  • Medical history disregarded - We cover pre-existing conditions.
  • 96% client retention rate - NPS 10x higher than industry average.
  • Dynamic enough to add and remove members any time.

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